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Dog training

It is necessary, there is no doubt in my mind that Dog training is more benefiting for the dog owner than it is for the dog.  As some might know I have a dog called Jimbo… he is the perfect guard dog and the perfect family’s dog.

He needed training and I got in touch with Cathy from above and beyond dog training and rehabilitation (this review is biased as she is now a customer of HELP4BIS).

What they say about themselves:

Hi my name is Cathy Grant and I am a Nationally Accredited Dog Trainer and Behaviourist. I studied with NDTF who base their training on real facts.  Above and Beyond Dog Training and Rehabilitation prides itself on not only helping your dog achieve a better understanding of what is expected but also help you as an owner have the dog you have always dream of. I am more than just Dog Trainer, I am a lifeline and life coach in helping you help your dog to a wonderful partnership.

My passion goes deep, not just as a behaviourist or dog obedience trainer but as a person who strives to make changes, positive changes so that everybody will benefit. I base my training on Leadership, Rules & Boundaries, Consequences, Consistency, Calmness and Lifestyle changes to achieve the best out of your dog in order to reunite you and your dog’s lifelong partnership. CG.

How it works:


Contact Cathy by phone, via Facebook or use the contact form.


(disclaimer. Above and Beyond Dog Training and Rehabilitation are a customer of HELP4BIS, which is the same organisation that supports and manages Dayboro.info)

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About help4bis

HELP4BIS is nothing big, just plotting along helping those who want it. We live local, we work local and we support local.