Animal on properties in Dayboro and Surrounds


How many and what?

On several FaceBook (dayboro and surrounds chit-chat) pages and on several occasions the issue of animals, animal noise wanderers come up… as it so happens Council has a good page for that.

Especially the calculator is good, it gives you an idea on what is allowed and what NOT.

How does the calculator work?

  1. Enter the size in m2
  2. Scroll down to see what you are allowed.

What is my property size?

Council made it easy for you, they neatly grouped it in blocks of property sizes, I think it is based upon the subdivision sizes the council allows.

Maximum number of animals permitted for properties between:

  • 301 – 599m2
  • 600 – 800m2
  • 801 – 1000m2
  • 1001 – 2000m2
  • 2001 – 3000m2
  • 3001 – 6000m2
  • 6001 – 8000m2
  • 8001 – 10000m2
  • 10001 – 20000m2
  • 20001 – 39999m2   This is the 5 to 10 acres band)
  • 40000m2   Or more(being 10 acres or more)

Not much guessing left over really. More detailed information is available on their website, with a very nice calculator on what you can and can’t have.

General rule or thumb?

  • PIGS are NOT allowed on ANY property below 10 acres. Simple, no discussion required on that. It has come up on several Facebook discussions, this will sort it I guess.

How does cumulative work?

Lets take 5 acres as example, this is 20234m2 , you can have your dogs, no problem roosters etc. There is NO cumulative rule for that, meaning you can have 132 animals.

That makes for a serious dog and pony show

Stock animals, that is different, it is based upon cumulative, this means total head of animals. Personally I think it is about pasture management, but council rules are what they are.

Lets take 5 acres as an example again (keep in mind that these rules apply for the 5 – 10 acre band). If you have 5 acres you can have 20 head of sheep, but that is the max of Stock animals you can have.  A cow and 20 sheep are not allowed I have to drop the sheep numbers down to 16 to have one cow and to be within the council boundaries.  Let’s say I am dreaming of a cattle/sheep station I need a horse, sheep and cows.

How that pans out is that I can have a horse, a cow and max 12 sheep.

This got me “confused”.

  1. Only can have 10 rodents, tell the mice, rats and hares  (often referred to as rabbits) I better get out and start knocking some on the head.
  2. Racing pigeons, no limit stated. Apart from being a faster alternative to the NBN I cant see why they are not limited. What is a racing pigeon different than a normal pigeon, this obviously is due to some lobbying.
  3. I assume that “animals at foot” like baby life stock are not included in the cumulative… I will check that with council.
Where to get some more information?

Council has heaps.

Moreton Bay (and as such dayboro and surrounds) animal fact sheets.

  1. I do not work for the council.
  2. This is my interpretation of what is available on councils website
  3. I cannot give any legal, commercial or other binding advice in relation to what kind of animals you have on your property.
  4. I hope you not going to use this information to “dob” or make other peoples life “difficult”.
  5. I assume you have a community spirit and moved to Dayboro to enjoy the “country” living for that reason you will not use this information to “get even” or just being plain silly and expect suburbia conditions among larger than house block style properties.
  6. I have no doubt that the “usual” suspects will use this information to declare that it was “because of Henk, said so and done so” some things simply do not change.
  7. The rules are there to set the boundaries.

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