Dayboro is a bit dry.

Dayboro is a bit dry atm, and I am not talking about humor. What are we looking at here?
Fire Danger is Very High, well that is what I think. The local Fire Brigade is the authority on it so you should check with them. If I am right, lets assume I am never wrong, then you should get a bit more cautious about the camp fires and other stuff that might get sparks fly. (So don’t flame this post and do not get to heated in the debate…. remember… sparks).

July Really the hottest on record????

So we are DOOOOOMED. Nope we are NOT, sorry well not yet. If the Labour party gets back to power we might, but for now we be fine. Global Warming… it is happening and has happened before, it causes climate SHIFT. What global warming does is it heats up the planet, melts the ice caps and changes the way the winds blow because of it. (high and low-pressure systems etc.). What we should not forget is that all this is just the cycle of the earth. We only speed it up a little, so those who are alive now are concerned….(go figure).

How Dry is it REALLY.

Well, very…. that is the long and short of it.   You see we are a bit under average, just a fair bit under average…. Why is this? Trade winds, plain and simple, not enough jet stream of air in the upper regions. What about all those cyclones? As we entering the tail of the […]

So it is going to be hot…. 36c

  Heat Stress What is it and how do we measure it? Simply said, heat stress is the inablilty of the body to expel of access heat. We humans sweat but not all animals have that ability. At Dayboro Weather we calculate the heat stress and represent it in a Modified Discomfort Index (MDI).  MDI = […]