Do you want 10K? The next round of applications is set to open mid-2017.

  What could your business do with a $10k boost in funding? Whether it’s a new website or CRM software, investing in digital products and services can be a costly exercise. If your business is based in Queensland, you may be eligible for Business Queensland’s Small Business Digital Grants Program, an initiative that helps small business owners […]

Outdoor Recreation Plan 2017-2036

Want to help shape the future of outdoor recreation in the Moreton Bay Region?   Council is preparing an Outdoor Recreation Plan to guide the Region’s development of outdoor recreation over the next twenty years. Council has previously prepared an Open Space Strategy which outlines the planning framework for recreation, sports and civic parks in […]

Glenn Bell e Petition.

Good evening all, Below the text of this e-mail, there is a link to an e-petition to State Parliament concerning my request for the construction of a water pipeline from North Pine Dam to Dayboro. Dayboro’s water supply comes from an aquifer (virtually, a well or bore) situated on the banks of the North Pine […]

It appears your website isn’t indexed by any of the three major search engines not indexed. Whaaaaaat ! not indexed , well that ain’t be good, it simply cannot be good…. What is happening? First lets find out what is index? Site index is a term used in forestry to describe the potential for forest trees to grow at a particular location or “site.” Site is defined […]