You might have seen me around town, yes I live here. Due to circumstances outside my control I had to take a step back from consulting. My passion is Business Architecture, I have done this for several years, built a very successful consultancy company doing it.  In it’s hey days we worked on projects that would spend around $10000 per minute (No, that is not a typo).

I am very active on Facebook (HenkHarms), not so much because I like it that much more to keep my brain flexible, that is where the problem sits. Long story which I keep very short,….. there you have it.  I spend my waking hours playing on the farm and trying to promote local businesses in Dayboro and Surrounding areas. I am a bit slow but get there eventually.

My passion is still building companies, building successful businesses and move on to the next, problem is that I cannot do that alone. So all I can do now is give you my advice, my experience and my comments. A fresh pair of eyes if you like.