Just Another Directory Page Dayboro.COM


What they say about themselves:

From the about page: was created to show off all that the Dayboro Region has to offer. Visitors can find all there is to see and do to make for an amazing escape. was also created to serve as the most comprehensive directory of local businesses and events. Locals can easily search for any service they are after. Businesses can get listed and found free of charge.”

Although it sounds that it is unique it is not new, there are several pages on the topic Dayboro and Dayboro Business Directory, this is just another one. A good attempt at that, so what has it to offer.

How it works:

Simply create an account and add your listing, event and other relevant information, pretty straight forward.

To create a listing you need to have an account with Sign up is super easy. You can sign up with your own username and password or simply auto register and sign in using your Facebook, Gmail or Twitter account. This means if you’re signed in to your Facebook account in another window, you are automatically signed in to

What does it replace?


What is it different than this the Directory attempt.

Nothing really Dayboro.COM has the same or similar information as this directory (, the only different is the layout.

Behind the screens there might be some other differences:

  • is supported by external coders (russia), is not.
  • is new, is not
  • is reasonable static and provides not additional services apart from lising. promotes listings on social media
  • is build by a new resident, is build by a long term resident (with a fair few people who not like this resident)
  • is following suit, is a market leader and promotes your business.
  • is a passive promotion entity, as in people have to look for it. is an active promotion entity people can look for it and people get provided with answers they look for when posting on social media.





About help4bis

HELP4BIS is nothing big, just plotting along helping those who want it. We live local, we work local and we support local.