Dayboro Day is coming so is the weather.

Dayboro Day

Yes it is that time of year again, so time for a bit of weather prediction from Dayboro Weather.
Dayboro Day is an event organised by the DDPAI, they do a pretty good job at it at that … this year will be no exception. How do I know this???? If you check page 24 of the grapevine, you see the statement. “A comment from a resident that he knows more about the DDPAI than the DDPAI does”, which is referring to me without a doubt,  such as statement was actually never made. The full statement I made is documented here.

But enough of that… THE WEATHER…. (perhaps)

The logo above I have used it a few times, again an article was written in the Grapevine about it….
(Yes, I am kinda famous :-)) but it brought a shit load of free publicity.

What will the Dayboro Day weather be.

So the weather, well from what I see …… it be nice. We will have some rainfall a few days before. Despite suggestions of previous Dayboro Day photographer I do not want it to rain on Dayboro Day. Saturday the day before Sunday which is the Dayboro Day, we might get some rain.

The day it self…..

 Sunday: Sunny in the morning, becoming partly to mostly sunny in the afternoon.
 Light to moderate fog in the morning. High 23. Wind south around 4 kph in the
 morning, becoming east in the afternoon.

 Sunday night: Partly cloudy in the evening, becoming cloudy after midnight. A
 slight chance of rain after midnight. Low 16. Wind east near calm in the
 evening, becoming south-southeast after midnight. Chance of precipitation less
 than 20 percent. Precipitation mostly less than 2 mm.

Dayboro Day Weather

So there you have it.

Below a map, it might change when the official map is released, but this one works on your phone.


The “dog leg” of Dayboro Day.

I just made that up :-). What I noticed in previous Dayboro Day’s is that all the hassle, buzzle and events happen in the stretch that is closed of. See the Triangle signs in the map above, they denote the road closures. I understand that that is because of logistics… Still.

The Butter Factory, it is rarely remembered by those who never go there, but it is NEVER forgotten by those who been there.

It is such a nice place to have a nice coffee, relax under the bamboo, visit the shops who are permanently there. So if you are in Dayboro… just hop on the dog leg and visit it, you will love it. I show you where it is.


Vol 26 Ed 04_Dayboro Day liftout 2017_as PDF

Dayboro Weather

About Dayboro Weather

Dayboro Weather is tracking the weather in detail for Dayboro since 2004, and is the "run away" hobby of Me. Back in 2004there was no means of finding accurate weather data for Dayboro. So I decided to do something about it. Providing weather data for environmental studies, law suits, construction industry and chemical tolerance calculations. I also feed weather data to over 20 weather institutes. (Including BOM, weatherzone)