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Dayboro Information website statistics

Dayboro (info) is insane.

There are many sites, there are many people and there are many claims. Time to put some facts to the fiction.

Should I get listed?

Your choice, you do not have to.

Does anybody visit dayboroinfo.com.au

Well funny you ask, since we changed the name to dayboroinfo.com.au and consolidated the older sites like dayboro.info, mydayboro.com.au and the like we got some interesting traffic and statistics. I believe it is due all the “free-publicity” we get from the local news paper and the local social media. People are looking for a single source of truth I think. Looking for some honest to the point advice and no bull advertising.

As you can see below, the numbers speak for them self, it goes up and up. These numbers are made up by repeat visits and referrals, not only Google searches.

Dayboroinfo statistics as captured by wordpress.com, we use independent sources for capturing our statistics.

What does this mean for a business in Dayboro?

It COULD mean that your chance to be-found gets increased. I have an unique approach to get your events and business name out there, it is based upon some experience I gained over the years. It is also because I care. Apart from that it is FREE.

Anyway it looks like we are on the right track, promoting your business and events the right way.

Steady as she goes.

(Note: Don’t get your skirts up on “steady as she goes” this is a common phrase, nothing political correct or incorrect about that.)


help4bis: HELP4BIS is the persona for HELP4BIS, a business setup by two local Dayborians to help local businesses. One an award winning Graphic Designer, Artist and Animator. The other just an weirdo, with to many qualifications and degrees to care about. The bottom line is. "We help4bis because we care"