Dayboro is a bit dry.

Dayboro is a bit dry.

Dayboro is a bit dry atm, and I am not talking about humor.

What are we looking at here?

Fire Danger is Very High, well that is what I think. The local Fire Brigade is the authority on it so you should check with them.  If I am right, lets assume I am never wrong, then you should get a bit more cautious about the camp fires and other stuff that might get sparks fly. (So don’t flame this post and do not get to heated in the debate…. remember… sparks).

We all know I am a “brick short of a full load” and that is fine.

The Dayboro weather.

The concern I have is that

  • the Relative Humidity (RH) is dropping quicker each day, it still sits above the 20% but it drops faster to that number every day.
  • soil moisture is dropping, down at 60 cm it is 6 centipose and at 10cm it si 123 centipose. The lower the value the dryer the soil, a wet soil is at 255 centipose.
  • the temperatures are rising quick to an above average temperature. We are looking at very high 20sh, pretty much every day now.
  • the westerlies (you know those ekka winds…) are starting tho pop up, and will increase in gusts.

Still with me?

What does this mean for Dayboro.

We will be in for a bit of a pickle if we do not get rain, no good rain falls on the charts for this month, perhaps next Wednesday, but it will not be much 2mm or so. This will bring the fire danger down a little.

The pickle I was referring to is in relation to:

  • No or very little grass growth. (not good for us hobby farmers, and ride one mower lovers)
  • Trouble for our firies, if we do not follow their instructions, the fuel load (stuff on the ground) is high (based upon my person assessment), this means hot fires and they will travel fast. I have worked on fires that traveled with a speed of 80kph, on a golf course for that matter.
  • Dayboro Water carriers, will be busy and burning the “midnight oil” to get water where it is needed.
  • Our animals will not be happy, it is also a direct impact on the soil as all the good insects like dung beetles and the like will not be working hard.

What ill be doing?

  • Cleaning up the yard, this means wippe snip, clean some of those rubbish piles around the house. (here you can find some help)
  • Check the gutters, clean them.
  • Do some research into water tanks and increase the water storage capacity on my property (my place is drought proofed but you get the idea).

So now all that is said and done, it be raining soon :-).

About Dayboro Weather

Dayboro Weather is tracking the weather in detail for Dayboro since 2004, and is the "run away" hobby of Me. Back in 2004there was no means of finding accurate weather data for Dayboro. So I decided to do something about it. Providing weather data for environmental studies, law suits, construction industry and chemical tolerance calculations. I also feed weather data to over 20 weather institutes. (Including BOM, weatherzone)