Dayboro might be visited by Debbie.

Dayboro People

Debbie is roaring earlier this month on FB, and now as a low pressure weather system.

It is all happening up north, as we all can see on Higgins and all other weather Facebook pages, out there on FixBook (oops should say FaceBook).
I on the other hand, sort of have a bit of an aching knee.

One slight worry I have for later in the week, (apart from the aching knee, and the state Deb is in), is that we get the outskirts of this Low Pressure system, causing heaps or rain and perhaps having a bit of a wind punch.

As it appears the landfall is slightly so dropping further south, (that is towards us) the system is quite big and still feeding of the ocean.

Around Xmass I said that, we have this pocket of very “hot” sea temperature sort of hovering a bit north of BNE. It is still there and is a good 3C above normal, which puts it into the category of “suitable for cyclone”.

NO it will not form a cyclone, but it will allow for it to have a good breakfast at one of the local establishments, building up the outskirts of Debbie.
I for one, am not at all excited about Cyclone Debbie’s skirts, only the sheer size of Debbie (the low pressure system that is.)

Anyway… I believe it is NOW a good time to start cleaning around the yard, make sure the gutters are clear, drainage is clear.

Do I make this all up….. absolutely I am not a weather wizard, BUT i am not alone. The CNC (Canadian weather model thingy) actually put Debbie smack on top of BNE. This will not happen, Debbie will frizzle out before she makes it to BNE.

Yet…… it ain’t over till the fat lady sings. (as they say, click on link what that means. Someone for sure will take that the wrong way and will get their nose out of joint).

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