Dayboro Open Night is GOING AHEAD on 23th March 2018

Dayboro open night kick off, let’s see where it leads us.

The current focus is on the Art Gallery, we try to make it as big as we can handle…….

You find this artwork in the Dayboro Art Gallery
Artwork by Trevor Ryan

Main Event

Art Gallery Dayboro

Likes to invite EVERYBODY to your community gallery’s first event for the year.

The Gallery has some fantastic new art for you to peruse while you enjoy a beverage and some nibbles, and chat with some of our artists.

Participating Dayboro SHOPS.

We like to include all the shops in the butter factory, at this stage we have commitment from



Subject to approval and availability.

  • We transform the parking infront of the Butterfactory to a sitting area.
  • We invite some buskers along to do their thing. So if you know someone…. let us know.

Main event.

Dayboro Gallery, holding an open night. Come and meet the artists, see some of the artworks.

See here for event details:

About help4bis

HELP4BIS is nothing big, just plotting along helping those who want it. We live local, we work local and we support local.