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Next month we welcome everyone who has a back yard veg garden or even a great fruit tree to share their excess produce at the new Fruit and Veg Swap Stall!
For years there have been discussions about a local fruit shop, farmers market, a barter site – well this is all of those things, tied in within our monthly Dayboro Market.
Jacki Hinchey from Blue Dog Farm at Ocean View has volunteered to coordinate the first two markets, and to talk with local gardeners about what they would like to do to grow the stall into a well supported thriving hub of trade on the first Sunday of the month! Jacki said that “People need not be shy about the quality of their produce – if it was grown with love, it will be good enough!” She thinks that children may be the most motivated entrepreneurs at the stall, and that at this stage we don’t need to be too worried about the ‘world gone mad’ health rules and regulations for now. Just turn up with your box of lemons, passionfruit and silverbeet, a gold coin for stall hire, and we will do some good old fashioned trading!”
There will be scales, rubberbands and bags on site, and Jacki will be able to help with pricing.
Her number is 0488 202 843 if you have any queries about how to get your melons to market.
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