Dayboro and it’s panoramic skies

Dayboro skies, using one of my old security cams (technology has come far in that), I figured some might be interested in how the skies look above the dayborovalley.

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Dayboro district skies.

The image below is updated every 5 minutes, it shows what we see looking towards Dayboro Township from King Scrub. You can also see a bit of the storms above Samford, or if they are approaching from the west.

Dayboro SkyLight

Dayboro Skylight, or lack of the light :-).

What is on in Dayboro?

Should you decide to travel and to visit our valley, making a mad rush to get there without actually knowing what is on or even have any idea what the weather WILL be? Ooops. you forgot about that, well here is the solution for you. We post an image of the skies every 5 minutes, so You as a visitor can decide what to do and what to bring.

To find out what Dayboro Queensland has to offer as  upcoming events, there is an easy way to find out. Simply go to What is on in our township  if you can’t find anything then hop over to see What is on in Samford our wonderful neighbours. On the image above Samford is approximately to the most left side of the image.

Dayboro Business

There are soo many businesses, located and operating from our town, that it is impossible to list them all. If you want to find out what entrepreneurs call this bit of paradise “Home”, simply search this site. If you as a business owner or operator are not listed, please go to  Get Your Business Listed. I know it is a bit of an awkward name…. it is a SEO thing :-).

Are there clouds gathering over Dayboro Businesses?

Absolutely NOT, business in Dayboro is BOOOOOOOMING. Dayboro Real Estate is doing really well and Dayboro Accommodations are sprouting like wildflowers. Judging by Weekend Notes, which is a “cash for comment” type publishing (the Authors are offered incentives to write an article, some do it for free though). Dayboro must be doing awesome, and local businesses are.

No clouds.

Previously I mentioned that there is much buzz going on in our town, several sites are promoting the town, one way or the other. The fact that the town is doing well is clearly shown in the growth we have experienced in the last few years. The above image still shows lots of green areas, due to selective development for which the DayboroDistrict is known.

We have several regular events; the Dayboro markets is one of those events.

Regular Events

Dayboro Markets

Taking place on the first Sunday of each month (except January), starting back in November 2006 it was called, The Dayboro Craft and Mini Market. This event, like many others, is initiated by the Dayboro District Progress Assoc Inc (DDPAI).

Only a few stalls, give an take thirteen, made up the early day markets. Over time the market grew from the typical “backyard shed artworks” to a fresh produce hub and handcrafted goods. Handcrafts made by locals are offered for sale through Hay Cottage, nearly every day of the year. No need to wait for the monthly markets.

The town grew, and so did the market and the visitor numbers. It was time to give the market a wider space to grow, make it more central and give it a more recognisable name. The DDPAI decided to rename it to Dayboro Markets, or more commonly known “The Dayboro Markets”.  Each month, stall holders from around the district flock to the vacant grounds on the corner of Heathwood and Williams Streets.  The locals know it as “the old bus depot”, the vacant land is in private hands by one of the earlier settlers. They are kind enough to allow this event to occur on their land, for now. The town is running out of high-density building area, so it is only a matter of time that the markets might have to look for another place. However, for now, it is where it is.

The DDPAI collects the dues from the market stall holders; they also put on one of their famous sausage sizzles to rais funds for the charities they donate the funds to. It is a great initiative and most, if not all; moneys go to a good cause.

Dayboro Day

It is an anual event, it is Dayboro Markets on steroids and smaller than the ekka, appart from that it is good fun. This year 2017, it was exceptionally well organised. There are some new folks involved in the running of it. There was life video streaming on Facebook, the ususal local singer (who happens to be the entertainment coordinator) belted out the usual songs in top performance.

Over time, the term is getting longer and longer, it went from DayboroDay to DayboroDayFestival and is a celebration of the town of Dayboro, and everything that makes it one of the best places in QLD to live and visit!!! Entertainment, demonstrations and market stalls in Williams St (the main street of Dayboro). Antiques & Collectables Fair also running at the Dayboro Showgrounds.

The festival, like with everything in Dayboro will grow over time, the township is growing, so do events. It is one of the bussiest days in the year. Cafe and restaurant holders stock up and it is not unknown that they sell out of food before the day is done.

Come visit next year.



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