Don’t turn Facebook into Google Directions for Criminal Minds.


I guess that got you attention, so let me waffle on a bit.

Dayboro is changing, so are the surrounding areas. It is a sad fact that break-ins and vandalism is on the rise in our beautiful bit of paradise. In the last month alone two break-ins occurred in the estate I live in.

I wonder if that will become a repetitive event, now the “Silly Season” is upon us, and I anticipate a wide variety of holiday snaps…… I am not the ONLY ONE.

Facebook is the online catalogue for free shopping.

We all like to share our experiences with others (some more than others), we like to show others that we enjoy ourselfs when on holidays. Some do it to encourage people to take holidays, some do it to show how lucky they are and some do it “just because”.  This is how those happy snaps are used, but first a little about “data mining”….. a big word but simply done. Social Media is reaching such a maturity now that is being used to document your life, your history and in the background it creating a pattern about your life…. not for criminal intentions purely for commercial intentions. Facebook advertising is one example of that, this post is NOT about that.


Everytime we post something (depending on your settings), you expose Who you are, Where you are and When you are. This is interesting information for criminals.

Who, Where and When

Now I got this information lets see what we can do with that.

At this point, my name is known. I can go on FB and search for Henk Harms, click on ABOUT and ……

That is one way to find where I reside, the other way is just by looking at my posts…… where are the commonly made…. in this case Dayboro so it is a fair bet that I live in Dayboro. (I don’t but assume I do).

So the moment I post a picture in real-time of my travel… it opens a whole range of interesting information.

This photo shows how silly I was posting it…. but the real gems are in the EXIF information and GeoTagging information. If enabled it tells anybody where you and when. (Geo-tagging is a function, where GPS-enabled devices can insert metadata with geographical information (coordinates) into a file such as photo, associating it with the geographic location it was taken at. Some new cameraphones support automatic geo-tagging of any pictures taken.)

Technology is there to be used, so keep using it, just be a bit cautious about where and when you post it.

  • Do not post public, unless intended. Personally I do not believe holidays snaps are not the best public posts when you not home.
  • Do not post on groups or group pages, even if they are closed. (for example dayboro chit chat has heaps of members, it is a closed page, but do you know all of them?)
  • Do not post in real time, this means….. post your pictures after the event… when you back.
  • If you do want to share your travels…. use FB messenger so you can control who sees the images. Even posting to FB “friends” is no guarantee.

So that is just my waffle about this.

Some unknown facts about posting your images.

What currently is trending among the “powers at be”, apart from the criminals (one can argue if the list below are actually criminals or not).

  • Insurance companies will NOT pay out damages caused to your property as a result of breaking or vandalism if you posted your travel pictures online during your travels. This is not a general rule yet,  but more are starting to use it. It is under the clause that you have not performed your “duty of care” to secure your residence. (something along those lines).
  • ATO, an article was published by the ATO and financial people that the ATO starts using FB and other social media’s to match against your TAX return…. I kid you not….. if your TAX lodgment states you earned $50K per year, but on Social Media images you drive a Rolls, have 20 jetskis, have a caravan that stores 6 dirt bikes etc etc you will most likely be tapped on the shoulder this year.
  • Workers Comp, if you for no apparent reason have an accident your Social Media postings can get you into trouble if you show off your flexibility or show images where you did not wear the proper PPE.
  • Your BOSS, there are several stories on the internet describing how someone got caught out taking a “sicky” only to be seen at concerts.
  • Your future BOSS, it is a well known fact that HR and “Body shops” research you online this includes social media. If you behave like a dork online, there is a fair chance you be like that in the work environment. Same applies posting “F..K this and F..K” that type of statements.
  • Centerlink…. yep…. they hiring resources just to mine social media…….

This list will grow, more and more especially now technology gets smart enough. For example we use security cams at our place, the moment you drive onto our place your picture is taken. By the time you reach the door either front or back, you are on “candid camera”. Why…. we we had stuff go missing on our place, so we installed some gadgets. We had people claiming about events at our place, concerning some our our animals, we now have footage that proves that reality is a bit different. Social media is a tool that can work in your disadvantage or your advantage.

Our security footage will be posted online and everywhere should you help yourself on some of my stuff. 🙂

Police cannot be everywhere, but SOCIAL MEDIA IS……. so are the pricks that want to take what is not theirs……. remember that.

So why this post and ramble?

First probably because I try to be a “smart bottom”, secondly I hope it prevents some hardship and refreshes your memory.


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