Start: April 7, 2017
End: April 7, 2017

Event Venue

225 Mt Glorious Rd, Samford, Queensland 4520

GPS: -27.3733532, 152.8665582

The celestial instrument the “Crystal Armonica” is a rare instrument of 30 pure quartz crystal bowls invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1761 and was loved and used by Beethoven, Mozart,Marie Antoinette etc. A French Doctor Franz Anton Mesmer used it to relax his patients before examining them (the word ‘mesmerize’ came from his name!).

The predominant overtones of the Armonica is in the range of 1000–4000 Hz, which activates our pineal gland – 6th chakra (third eye) elevating one into a deeper consciousness.

Immerse yourself in the transcending sounds of the Crystal Armonica played by Chiho intuitively creating a deep sound meditation. She also connects with a healing energy through her transformative voice that is a powerful journey in itself.

Together with meditative sounds of the Temple Gong, Didgeridoo, Samadhi and Crystal Bowls, flutes and voice, you will experience an undescribable deep healing journey


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