Start: February 10, 2017
End: February 10, 2017

Event Venue

dayboro queensland

GPS: -27.1971884393, 152.822574844

Adding to the personal hardship of Watkin’s journey was a lack of confidence. He was plagued by the idea that he couldn’t ever rekindle the spark of creativity that lead to Rain of Mercy.
“I think I was daunted by the quality of my first album,” Watkin explains. “From both a songwriting and production perspective. As a result I lived in it’s shadow for a while, trying to convince myself that I was up to the task of promoting it and then following it up with something comparable. When you use your life as your subject matter, songwriting can be an extremely daunting profession and unless you have a considerable amount of ego, you are susceptible to the vulnerability of baring your soul. While I never stopped performing and writing, it certainly took some time for me to realise I was as good as my album.”
If the assured songwriting and undeniable quality of Lifeboat is anything to go by, Watkin has not only rediscovered the magic – he’s found a way to surpass it.



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