Start: November 26, 2017
End: November 26, 2017

Event Venue

YogaSol, 11 Mawarra Cres, Ferny Hills

GPS: -27.3999825, 152.93849750000004

What is the importance of taking time out to Retreat?

I love to retreat and take time to just be with myself. For me it’s a very important part of my spiritual practice as well as important to rejuvenate my mind, body and spirit.

The benefits of retreat are:

  • Space and environment conducive for meditation which calms the mind and body;
  • Space to rejuvenate and rest;
  • Space to renew your energy;
  • Space to be silent in speech and thoughts; and
  • Space to nourish your body with good and simple food.

Our society doesn’t allow us or value the fact that we need to take time to rejuvenate. If we don’t we become so depleted dis-ease than settles into our bodies and minds.

Unfortunately we live in a society where our health system focuses on symptom and disease management. Prevention and maintaining health is much more in line with nature and how we are meant to be.

What we can do is schedule time out from the stress and activity of our daily lives. I imagine your first response is that you just don’t have time or that you just can’t think about this at the moment. I imagine it adds to the sense of overwhelm that many of us feel.

I would like to offer the opportunity for you to start small and have a taste of what retreating can do for you.

I have set dates for a (near) monthly Retreat for a Day in 2017. These days are dedicated to women spending some time relaxing and re-energizing. You don’t have to attend them all. Start with one! My intention is to create and hold space for you to start the practice of taking time for yourself. The retreats will be themed with the first retreat fousing on connection to self.

What you can expect from the day is a combination of some or all of the following:

  • Yoga;
  • Relaxation techniques that can be integrated into your daily life;
  • Meditation;
  • Chakras; and
  • Parts of the day will be silent.


Dates for 2017 Retreat for a day are:

  • Sunday, 19 March
  • No Retreat in April – I am on retreat – Practicing what I preach!
  • Sunday, 28 May
  • Sunday, 25 June
  • Sunday, 30 July
  • Sunday, 27 August
  • Sunday, 24 September
  • Sunday, 29 October
  • Sunday, 26 November
  • December date to be decided


You will need to bring:

  • A Yoga mat or something similar;
  • A cushion (for meditation);
  • A blanket or shawl to cover yourself during relaxation sessions;


Your lunch (morning tea and afternoon tea is provided).

The day will cost $150 which needs to be fully paid prior to the retreat as I would rather not be distracted by finalizing payments on the day of the retreat.

If you know you want to attend all the retreats then I would like to make you a special offer. If you pay upfront for all retreats the December Retreat is free of charge.

PS Please share with those you love and care about so they can enjoy some valuable rejuvenation time.

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