Good-morning Dayboro weather post

What is it?

The information of this post is automatically generated every morning around 6am.

It contains:

  1. Current weather details.
  2. Min temperature for the night.
  3. Bit of rain information of the last 24hrs.
  4. Attempt to predict the weather for the day.
  5. Nice greeting :-).

What we added:

  • Today the following events will take place, this will grab the events from this webpage and include them to the post.
  • A link back to this website where you can find the events.
  • Some hash tags for easy search.

How does it look?

Glad you asked.


This is the new Facebook Look.

Time will tell if it works, what we tested works.

About Dayboro Weather

Dayboro Weather is tracking the weather in detail for Dayboro since 2004, and is the "run away" hobby of Me. Back in 2004there was no means of finding accurate weather data for Dayboro. So I decided to do something about it. Providing weather data for environmental studies, law suits, construction industry and chemical tolerance calculations. I also feed weather data to over 20 weather institutes. (Including BOM, weatherzone)