How Dry is it REALLY.

Well, very…. that is the long and short of it.


Rain Averages in Dayboro

You see we are a bit under average, just a fair bit under average…. Why is this? Trade winds, plain and simple, not enough jet stream of air in the upper regions.

What about all those cyclones?

As we entering the tail of the “cyclone” season, I have to point out that that is the traditional cyclone season. For a few years now some of us have been “preaching” that the climate is pushing South, and as such one can assume that traditional “seasons” change. Long story, but I would not rule one out as yet. The ocean temp is very hot, as you can now see we have oceanic “wild life” that used to be common up north… not here.


What about the rain?

In my view… it gotta burst soon. The atmosphere is been like a sponge… so it has to go “bang” soon, the question is WHERE will it go bang…. all the fingers point south…. sorry. With that said, I believe we will have an above average April, June, July and August rainfall… We might be looking at a wet, cold English style winter.

Anyway that is hat my “bones” tell me : -).





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