I have a dream…. Williams street Dayboro

I have a dream…. Williams street Dayboro

What is happening….

We all seen the consultation update, in respect to improving pedestrian traffic and flow in our town center. The consultation in my view was pretty good, sure there are some people who believe that 200 replies in Dayboro is still not enough consultation or, that not enough awareness was created. By now it will be obvious to you that I disagree with those views.

So what is it we looking at?

Proposed changes Williams Street.

Consultation Leaflet (003)

I am going to take that one step further.

Build it and they will come…. (walking).

Although the above proposed changes are great… it is in my view the MINIMUM. Why not go all the way… make it friendly. In the illustration below you see an option we could pursue, to make the whole area through town a “pedestrian priority” zone. Make it 40km…. WHAAAAT. I can only imagine the comments

So lets have a look at the picture….

Dayboro 40 Km Zone

I believe, reducing the speed through town will actually achieve the following:

  • More awareness of what is actually in town.
  • Make parking easier.
  • Increased the traffic flow.
  • Makes the town center more pedestrian friendlier.
  • Actually brings back more of the country town feel.
  • Reduces the traffic noise and pollution.

The introduction of Zebra Crossings has caused a bit of a stir, and personally I am not in favor for them either… HOWEVER, due to our general ignorance towards road sharing, and the inability to apply common sense to the, general usage of the area we approach, zebra crossings are a necessary evil.

If we trying to make the Dayboro center more appealing,  well then I would suggest 3 Zebra Crossings.

  1. A crossing from the skate park to the Dayboro Art Gallery
  2. A crossing from the Dayboro Art Gallery to the Dayboro Butter Factory and
  3. the crossing currently proposed by the council.

Why all of this?

I have a vision about Dayboro, not everybody will share it and less will even know it… but somethings are catching on (If only the Dayboro Progress Association would…. oops…. some actually are :-))
The town neeeeeds visitors, like it or not we are becoming a tourist town…. a destination if you like. For the last three listened to business owners in Dayboro, followed what “shitty, shitty, bang bang) that is going, reading my “fan mail” and the occasional printed version. I am just a local bloke who is wondering were and how some businesses make their money, to the point that I actually done some business cases for different types of industries…more often than not it appears that more revenue comes from “tourism walk-ins”.

For those who are on Facebook and are member of some of the forums that include the name “Dayboro” will have seen my comments, lots of you disagree with them and even more see it as personal attacks. Either way I am LOUD, OUTSPOKEN and sometimes even wright (or is it right), but more so I am worried.

The other day I was in town… ended up chatting with some “tourists” who were wandering around, they wanted to know about a place to have lunch…. I mentioned a few establishments in town, their feedback was that neither of them were suitable simply because of the TRAFFIC, more so the SPEED OF IT. I ended up referring them to Grate Life as it is the only area that has a bit of protection from the traffic noise. Imagine, that our town is to NOISY, not only on Facebook but in REAL LIFE as well.

I love this town.. I really do… and I am afraid… very much so that the “spirit” of the town is disappearing, once it does…. well then we just become another burb….. There are not many opportunities left to protect the “spirit” of the town, it is getting buried very rapidly by developments and other things.

Back to the vision.

  • I strongly believe that, when the center of town becomes a more pedestrian safe environment, it will be a win win situation for us all. There will be less “road rage” because things move slower.
  • I believe there will be more people on the “streets”, which will introduce more “foot traffic” for local shops.
  • I believe once more people actually enjoy the center of town, more will actively participate in what is needed or is required to keep the town “spirit”.
  • I believe that by changing the “highway” mentality (it is getting hard as we now have a highway petrol station already), we might see the return of the things that makes this Town Dayboro. The things that made me believe my family should grow up here. I am talking about the horses in town, I am talking about the “cruise and wave” through town, I am talking about the markets, I am talking about the relaxed atmosphere.
  • Oh… I also believe we do not need more coffee shops……

Oh… yeah… the vision……
The areas encapsulated by the 40k zone….. to be come a “rural business and play hub” where things are done the “rural way”. That is enough with the rural, it is more the relaxed way.

When was it the last time when you saw a turkey (a real one… you know the ones that have feathers) walking among market stalls… ? I know exactly when the last time was,  as it was our turkey Gobbles. Or when was it the last time you could buy ducks, sheep or other small farm animals at the markets? What is the go with that…. when did that stop?

I miss it… I grew up in a country town, I grew up with cows and straw in my hair, I grew up walking through town without being zapped by a car…. I want my kids to have the same or similar…. that is why I hope and believe bringing down the speed in town will bring back, perhaps save more of that country town I used to like so much. For now… it is just a “dead place” most of the days.

Ok… enough with the mellow drama.

The facts….

  • It is a fact that, when there is a crossing opportunity for pedestrians places like the Dayboro Gallery and the Butter Factory will get more “walk ins”.
  • It is a fact that, if local businesses do well, local sports clubs will do well.
  • It is a fact that, slower speeds cause better traffic movements and less congestion in the areas where the slower speeds apply.
  • It is a fact that, reduced speed causes less noise pollution which is better for those business that are adjoined the main street.



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