Internet via Mobile for Dayboro and Surrounds

2016-06-06_8-57-59I figured lets start with a picture…, has a comprehensive list of tower locations and who of the telco’s are on that tower.

At the moment the Tower in Rush Creek…. you can see it from all directions when you approach Dayboro.. it is on top of the hill. This tower services Telstra, Optus and Vodafone using the following frequencies.

  • Telstra 2G 900MHz
  • Telstra 3G 850MHz
  • Telstra 3G 2100MHz
  • (Telstra 4G 700MHz) Proposed 18-May-2016
  • Telstra 4G 900MHz
  • Telstra 4G 1800MHz
  • Telstra 4G 2100MHz
  • Optus 2G 900MHz
  • Optus 3G 900MHz
  • Optus 3G 2100MHz
  • (Optus 4G 700MHz) Proposed 13-Apr-2016
  • (Optus 4G 1800MHz) Proposed 13-Apr-2016
  • (Optus 4G 2300MHz) Proposed 13-Apr-2016
  • Vodafone 2G 900MHz
  • Vodafone 3G 900MHz
  • Vodafone 3G 2100MHz
  • Vodafone 4G 850MHz Activated 08-Dec-2015

Then we have a tower at Ocean View…. mainly Optus but Vodafone has some equipment on that to.

  • Optus 2G 900MHz
  • Optus 3G 900MHz
  • Optus 3G 2100MHz
  • (Optus 4G 700MHz) Proposed 04-Jan-2016
  • Optus 4G 1800MHz
  • (Optus 4G 2300MHz) Proposed 04-Jan-2016
  • (Vodafone 3G 900MHz) Proposed 04-Jan-2016
  • (Vodafone 3G 2100MHz) Proposed 04-Jan-2016
  • (Vodafone 4G 850MHz) Proposed 04-Jan-2016
  • (Vodafone 4G 1800MHz) Proposed 04-Jan-2016


I show you the frequencies as they are important should you want to use those towers and need an outdoor or indoor antenna. Choosing your antenna the frequency and dBi are important, here is a good site to start with.  You most likely want to go with the 4G type frequencies if you can, HOWEVER, it is about the cake again.

Each tower can only handle so much bandwidth, if more and more people use the tower you are most likely get a lower speed or goodput. (I like to measure goodput as that is what I use…. :-)) But you can forget that as it is just me showing, It was a question in the CCIE exam though :-). Moving on.

As you can see, I greyed some of the frequencies out. These frequencies are the older technologies every new device now a days is most likely 4G which is nice if there are a LOT of spots (pieces of the cake) available. WhisleOut explains it better than I can.

Now you know the differences like 4G is just faster… speed is good for sure…. but it is about the CAKE….
There are a lot of 4G devices now, they all chatter to towers and taking up bandwidth. Same applies to 3G (voice still uses the 3G spectrum I believe…).

The long and short is… I have NO IDEA which one is better for you. All I know is that 3G is more than sufficient for browsing, emails etc. it is also a fall back for 4G. So look for a combined 3/4G equipment.

How to improve your connectivity:

  1. Outdoor antenna…. absolutely.
  2. Two antenna/s  LTE works better with two antennas…
  3. BIG is better…. traveling through AU in funny areas I found that using a bigger antenna gives me “priority” on the tower… in short I get more cake :-). No science explanation for it though.
  4. RESTART when you start your mobile phone your device will try to find the best and strongest tower in your area. This is different than beehiving, which is switching from tower to tower as you drive along. In that scenario it simply goes to the first tower it finds… which is not always the BEST tower.


COST… oh yes it is not cheap… spending hacker has some interesting information it recommends Amaysim which is using full Optus 3G/4G network. I would recommend an OUTDOOR antenna, for 3G at the moment as it covers more. However, Optus is planning to roll out 4G to more areas soon. (generally just a tower upgrade).

Optus Map Below


Telstra Map Below.



WhistleOut has a comparison between Boost (using Telstra network) and Amaysim (using Optus). There is no reason for you to be with the same provider for voice and data… really. It pays to shop around.

How you get charged is also important, it works on the same principle as phone calls charged by minutes. If you get charged per minute and make a phone call of 15seconds you still get charged for that minute. It is the billing unit. If you put this in relation to MB vs KB you can be in for a surprise. This is how it works.

A standard email is about 75KB, this will be a very long email if this was only text it would be 5000 plus words. I just stick to 75KB to cater for all the overhead and coding stuff.
Very simplistic this is why it is so important to find a plan that suits you but will have the lowest measuring/charging unit.

Using the above example of an email.

  • If you get charged by KB then you are ok.
  • If you get charged by 100KB you get charged extra, you could send the 5th email for “free” if you where charged by KB unit. 100KB-75KB = 25KB so this means 4x25KB makes 100KB which is another charge unit, that the telco takes of you.
  • If you get charged by MB…. RUN RUN RUN.
    (Disclaimer… I know that a KB is 1024 bits, but I like to keep it simple)

So no matter what your data allowance is… if you get charged by KB you can send more emails than if you are charged by 100KB. Most will charge by KB or part there off, but if you go over you might get into trouble real quick.

Data: allowance includes uploads and downloads and if you go over your inclusion, Virgin Internet APN excess data is charged at 0.2c/KB and Yes Internet APN excess data is charged at 12c/MB and deducted in 1MB units. You need at least a $1.03 balance to use data and the maximum data balance is 5GB (or 12GB on Prepaid Plus).


Calculate your data usage.


It is not what this post is about, it is to provide you some info on Mobile Data availability in Dayboro.

The following telco’s are available:

  • Telstra
  • Optus
  • Vodafone

Best technology to use is:

  • Outdoor antenna that caters for 3G/4G

Best Plan to use

  • Amaysim


  • Using a NON MOBILE device on 4G/3G…. if you use a desktop it will download MORE data than if you use a mobile device like tablet or mobile phone. Websites are mobile aware and as such will try to send a minimum of data.
  • CACHE, sites you visit often make sure you cache them. Websites are smart enough to find out what data is new and what has changed, as such it will only send you the new data. This will save you data download (money). There is no need to download the Facebook icon every time you go to facebook or the logo. It is stuff that never changes, and as such tell your computer/mobile/tablet not to download it every time.
  • Check charging units KB or MB.


As per usual… let me know where I am wrong.






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