ELMEC provides a range of services, covering all phases of Design through to switching it on and maintaining it in peak condition, through innovative and cost effective solutions. Their aim is to reduce costs for domestic customers and create a competitive advantage for industry customers, whilst meeting requirements of  safety, quality sustainability (both environmental and economically).

Design, Installation, Commissioning and maintenance.

(Commissioning is in simple terms… turning stuff on in a controlled, testable and repeatable manner).

For domestic market

Domestic market, but not limited to only domestic, however here are some examples of what services ELMEC provides to the domestic market.

  • Solar power systems, we all know what that is, it is the orchestration of solar panels, inverter, feedback to grid and battery systems.
  • UPS Systems, these are systems that “keep the lights on” when the mains/grid power goes out during storms and other events.
  • Lightning Protection Systems, these are solutions that are designed to protect your property from direct lightning strikes.
  • Energy Audits, ever wondered why your power bills are so high? Could you have a power “leak”. Well then an Energy Audit is something you want to look into.

For the industrial market, or those who are in between.

I could repeat what is on their website, but best for you to hop on their site and have a look.

Check out the ELMEC services range here.


ELMEC  is a Dayboro Based sparky business on steroids. They provide a wide range of services, which puts them in the “One Stop Shop” category when it comes to the whole spectrum of basic through to advanced electricity and technology solutions. — Dr. Henk


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