Visitors are melting like butter in the sun

Wow how to get to the Dayboro Butter Factory?

Kids are back to school so it is time for the parents to enjoy themselves, no need to wait for that cuppa or even to go shopping where and when you want it.

I spoke to a “parent” the otherday and we where talking about this and that and what was available in dayboro. I said “Funny that you mention it I have an little pet project called DAYBORO.INFO”

Reply was “Ok…so you know it all… Just like always….”

Me: “Yup… most of it”.

Ok here is one for you: “Where can I buy gluten free products in Dayboro that does not cost an arm and a leg?”

Me: “That is easy I can do you one better, you can buy gluten free products at Sue’s, you can buy lollies at the Dayboro Lolly Lovers  shop, you can have an hair cut whilst you eat your lolly. Then go and hop over to buy a nice bit of art/furniture at Bohemian and pickup your power equipment at the Dayboro Hire. ”

Reply was: “Hu…. really is that all in town….. did not know that… where is that?”

I could put a smart reply in like…. well funny you ask… go to and you find it…. But I did not.


One small keyboard tap for man, a giant leap for the Dayboro kind”

Route Planning.

How often do you explain the directions to a place like:

  • Go left at the roundabout.
  • Straight on at the traffic lights.
  • If you see a woolies you gone to far….

Well all of that has come to an end…. we now have Route Planning as part of the listings. One of the other well respected directories, don’t bother with maps and directions… Well we do. might not care how you get there but we do...
So lets sum this up:

  • Listing with is free
  • Listing will be promoted across social media outlets.
  • You will be indexed.
  • You will be found.
  • We guide your customer to your brick and mortar site.


See here how it works:

It works… either by entering your current position and then plan the route or simply click get directions. Ever wanted to know where the Dayboro Butter Factory is?


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