Poly “bashing”

Pine Rivers State Election....


Is it OK, that when Political Party candidates become the “cheerleaders” of the electorate, politicians bashing becomes a national sport? I for one like to dish out criticism it is easier, I do try to remain objective and track accountability.

A lot of times we get promised stuff and it never seems to materialize or being pushed further and further out.  The Pine Rivers electorate candidates are no different.

HOWEVER…. which candidates stand out?

Some credit needs to be given… I can only speak from personal experience. In the last few weeks I have become a bit more hands-on involved with a few things in Dayboro… (No I have not started a “progress association” (Ha ha ha)).  I had no idea what kid of work that is actually going on, the efforts some of our candidates actually put in, in the back-ground.

Not the typical tick and flick stuff, no actually real effort… honest “putting the shoulders and support” kinda stuff. Two people stand out which is Darren Grimwade and Seath Holswich.  Both these two individuals have shown a lot of interested and genuine support, even without the up coming elections. I also got quite impressed with Chris Thompson (Liberal National)

I only speak as for my experience, your experience might be different, so lets hear them… the floor is open (comment below). Is Seath Holswich unique… is Darren Grimwade unique?

Give some positive feedback…. no poly bashing… there is enough…. critique and judgment about the candidates already.

Meet the candidates.

Unfortunately for Dayboro there will be no meet the candidates…. and getting close to the conclusion of a one in a 4 years opportunity to influence your life and neighborhood time is running out. Below is a list of all the candidates, the information is widely available on the internet. I just listed them for easy access, and with a bit of critical flavor.
Dayboro is in the Electorate of Pine Rivers, which has the following candidates:

A party or a member?

What got me a little surprised is that each member (apart from Seath Holswich) has NO vision or any further explanation on WHO they are and WHAT they stand for in respect to our area. All candidates are pulling the pulling the party line, I assume that is how it is done. Some members have their resume’s and a bit of back ground, but still it does not tell me what THEY will do for US, I would have expected a bit more detailed information. Essentially if you hire someone, you would want to know what that person is going to do for YOU. That is lacking….. guess those are questions we might seek answers to.

What will each of them do for Dayboro.

Yeah I am selfish… I only care about King Scrub, but as it so happens Dayboro is part of that… we now have a once in a four year chance to get our voices heard at State Level… but how can we know which one to choose???

There are several issues in relation to our little plot of dirt in the state, I would not mind to hear from the candidate how their party line would apply to Dayboro. Would you not want that? Some examples…

Items that seem to cause discussion on forums and the like are:
Dayboro Road upgrade
Dayboro Water Supply
Dayboro development
Dayboro town center crossing and speed reduction
Dayboro (more so) Mt Mee development of an educational center.
Dayboro general quality of services level guarantee or more so improvement.

I have asked the DDPAI to facilitate a “meet the candidates”… but all is quiet…

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