The post that almost brought down Dayboro.

Really, what is wrong with some of these clowns.

Every town by now has one, a Facebook Page where towns folk can talk, share ideas and have a bit of a banter and good laugh. Unfortunately some individuals in Dayboro have a large amount of agression in them, it is all ways the same crowd. Guess it is in the water.

Tree or not to tree

We have this Dayboro business in town, it was recently taken over from a long time local business, it is progress. We are lucky to have an essential business like that in town, and that there is someone willing enough to continue it and to take it through to the next phase.

When the business changed hand, the usual singing suspects got their nose in it, and caused quite a bit of a stir. Accusations flying, assumptions made it was almost a competition of who could make the most hated, degraded and useless comment.  A true town spirit….. Let me tell you Dayboro is better than that, just a few that cast a shadow on the rest of us.

I am so glad that this Dayboro business owner stood above the rest, and their comments, he and his team carried on providing great services to the Dayboro community. Unfortunately he is in trouble again. PROGRESS is part of a business, without it a business cannot survive. Business is about growing, in this case we talk about a service providing business an essential service providing business. It’s challenge is to stay ahead of the potential demand. (if it does not for sure the usual suspects will complain about that as well.)

For this business to be able to service the future demand, it needs to increase it’s real estate footprint. This means some existing flora and fauna needs to be sacrificed. To make people aware of these plans and to consult with the locals the business owner put out a petition. Personally I believe that is beyond “the duty of care”, and I am really impressed with the actions of the business owner. Knowing how some townsfolk would react, I could not wait to see the sh.t hit the FB propeller.

Yup, the stream of abuse was endless…. unbelievable that such a nice town can produce so much hate towards someone who is not originally from this town, let alone looks different. (OK I generalize here, 90% of the town is very welcoming, it is just that 10% of the same usual suspects that cause the town look bad). Anyway…. He copped it…..big time…. Dayboro Chit Chat FaceBook went into over drive, not only that, everybody became an instant expert.

The good people of Dayboro actually posted some nice things, and agreed with the process this business owner was following, consultation with the community (keep in mind he does not have to do that). I agreed and posted that all the services they provide are awesome….. well have a look how that went….Stace obviously had a complete different opinion about their services.

For real…..

Sure I have my say on Facebook… I am not an angel but I keep it polite, do not call people names or even posts something childish like above. Some simply can deal with comments  that are not “cotton ball wrapped” and some can’t. But then I thought… hold a sec.

We have a Dayboro District Progress Association, they would be perfectly positioned for the job. Not sure what their charter is, but they be the perfect custodian to channel all these issues we might have in our Dayboro Valley Area. They can take on the role of “orchestrating”, what can and cannot be done in the main street.  In the past they even stopped some local businesses putting advertising signs up on their shop fronts, merely because it was not in keeping with the town.

In my ultimate wisdom!

We have a DDPA (Dayboro Progress Association), they are all for progressing, they assume responsibility and control of matters that impact the local community. They are an essential part of the growth and progress of the town. I leave out of the discussion if they go about it the wright or wrong way, but they are there.

In the mean time the Dayboro Chit Chat Facebook page was buzzing along, fueled with hate and abusive comments. It is a shame, people seem to prefer to talk down instead of talk up. Lose the focus of the original post, merely focusing on how damaging and degrading they can make the next comment. But I am getting off track.

I figured time to put a post up. I have to admit I am not the biggest fan of the Dayboro District Progress Association, this is merely because some of the bad personal experiences with them. For example, during major events, in front of your normal place of business, you are expected to “pay up” for having your business accessible during that event. We declined, so our place of business was boxed in, close to impossible to be accessible for customers. That is just one example, never the less they do good work, and like I said they should be in my view, the consolidator, the single source of truth about major and possible minor changes to the Township. It is not that we are the size of Brisbane…. the footprint of the town, where they should influence, is less than a square kilometer.

So lets have it.

I browsed over to the DDPA facebook page, to gather some information…… and compiled my post…

====== Start of the post on the well known Dayboro Facebook page. =====

Ok I am going to throw this out there… I am gonna be hammered, abused and what else. History shows….. I am used to that.

We all know they do fantastic work, arrange the markets and do a sausage sizzle. Etc.

I do have a beef with the association as such, not personally with the people who run it. I am sure they are all fantastic and busy individuals. My beef is with what it claims to stand for and what the output is, or more so the lack there off.

However, recent events made me wonder…. what is the use of the progress association?
How can it perform better? (if it has to peform better that is)
How can it be used to sort out all this B…llshit fixbook currently is used for. Eg. trees, petrol stations, flood mitigation, developments, water (to much or to less) and the smoking on a bench in town.

Is FB the medium for solving this kind of sh..t. NO of course not.

See I see the progress association as the ideal custodian for all things that involves our wonderful town. I think that is what they initially intended, but it got a bit overwhelmed. Perhaps a bit of charter with arranging all those fantastic events around town.

Their Objectives:
(1) To promote civic pride.–> We all want that right.

(2) To protect the natural beauty of the district. –>
The latest addition of the fuel station could fit under that. The tree and development of the medical center could fit into that. etc etc. Keep in mind beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the DDPA can be the mediator in that.

(3) To represent the residents of the district and to liaise on their behalf with Government and other bodies. –>
So all the new development, changes concerns could be consolidated and taken to the council on behalf of Dayboro right? This would be excellent to have ONE voice.

(4) To promote and support local business.
Ok… some work needed.
(5) To promote and support local associations, clubs and organisations whose objectives are principally to meet the needs of the community.
Ok. some work needed there as well.
(6) To remain a-political, non-religious and non-sectarian.
That is a bit ambiguous, one can work with that.

If you look at those objecives, is there any of the recent “big” FB poooha and rara that does NOT fall into that?

I do not expect to see a town meeting or burning at the stakes for each and every little thing, just simple online questionnaires or polls will do just fine. It gauges opinions of the towns folk.

I (it is all about me) do not mind the fuel station upgrade, not at all, however I would have liked to see some of the history remained. Perhaps there are others who think the like. Keeping the same colors above the gutter and the nice tire sign, just replacing the Matilda sign with a same size one would have been so much nicer, instead of the Highway mentality.

Same applies to what Dr Ben is planning, without abusing the sh.t’s out of him for doing his best to keep the medical standards the town wants.

I believe progress is good, change is good personally I simply cannot have enough of it. I personally think, the DDPA should consider to be custodian of progress, funnel the progress by informing and allowing feed back from all those who are interested and willing in this town.

Think of the good things that can come out of that……. smaller posts on FB. Less hate posts on this forum but best of all…..You get an opportunity to voice your concern, once the “town has spoken” then it is what it is.

I am not sure if the current mechanisms that are in place (if there are any) are sufficient to keep up with what is all happening. Especially as they currently happening in bursts.

So lets have it….. suggestions… How can we (all of us and DDPA) consolidate and channel all good energy into making this town the best it can be? (not really interested in the horse poo stories).

What and how would you like to see that? There are heaps of clever minds in Dayboro to make this technologically and organizationally possible. One example is or so there is no shortage of online type talent, should that be required.

=== end post ===

Anyway… did I cop it or what…. it came to the point that people where actually threatening the Administrators of the Facebook page… For real, I kid you not. I even got the odd eventful threat, I am used to those. Simply because I call a spade a spade.  What happened with my post is that people only focused on the “I do have a beef with the association as such,” they do not even read the post, or perhaps they do not understand it. The combination of that intro and my name, would cause enough testosterone rush to prevent the brain from working normally and screaming  FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT.

Really did I attack the progress association?

Did I really……. or is it just the blind fullness of those who do nothing else than see the negative in a post made by me, simply because they have this burning desire to be negative. Why is it always the same people that cannot see the positive in the post, always have the need to be negative.

Either way, as time progresses some people actually did read the post in full and actually had a better understanding of what the DDPA was for.  It must have been the best kept secret in Dayboro a bit like an “underground society”, not many people knew that the DDPA was a bit more than doing the sausage sizzle and organising the Dayboro Markets. People actually went looking for more information on the DDPA,  that was the only good thing of it.

The FB page go in overdrive… even people who moderated, the page could not believe the amount of hate, anger and purely insanity that was going on. Once I deleted my post  due to the amount of hate, they (the usual clowns) started to “have a go” at the admins. The admins do volunteer work to keep the site clean….. there was so much aggression towards them that most of them quit, unreal.

Just a bunch of vultures that is what some are. The result of this post was that:

  • Administrators left the Facebook page
  • Several people who enjoyed the page left because of the stupidity going
  • Some people really showed their true colors, in continuing to keep the hate alive


Having said that…. the post had some really unexpected comments.



Dayboro is still a great place to visit and to live, but if you are innovative, outspoken and have an opinion that does not suit the vulture group….. be prepared to receive a whole bunch of unrelated hate and abuse, both online and offline.

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