Rain prediction for November 2016

Time for some guesstimates on the weather, especially the rain, based upon my bones. So…. lets kick it off with a picture.



As you can see October was well below average…. and so will be November, my left knee is not aching so no rain to speak of. My left shoulder is aching a little bit, so we might get a drizzle…. I expect this to occur around next week…. (sorry campers…. but it will not be much).  The market day will be fine weather so that is all good.

The week after that, we might get a bit more rain but according to my left ankle… not enough to get to excited about. I think we might get around the same amount as last month…..

If you are on raintanks…. keep steve’s number handy (which is 0419 686 418) as you might need it.


About Dayboro Weather

Dayboro Weather is tracking the weather in detail for Dayboro since 2004, and is the "run away" hobby of Me. Back in 2004there was no means of finding accurate weather data for Dayboro. So I decided to do something about it. Providing weather data for environmental studies, law suits, construction industry and chemical tolerance calculations. I also feed weather data to over 20 weather institutes. (Including BOM, weatherzone)