Summer is here… so now what?

Summer and Christmas.

Ok… I think the rain will start on Sunday and pushes into next week. It will be a wet last week for the school kids.
On the “bright side” we are going to get a typical QLD summer. WET :-). The BOM is now talking about possible La Nina, short and sweet. With an average rainfall of around 400mm. AWESOME. 
Some weather predictions 

Weather wise.

I think we looking at a normalish summer, with that I mean a summer that was normal around the 80’s – 90’s not the funny stuff we been having the last 5 -10 years. I think it is going to moist, sweaty. Looking at the longer term… which is notorious for not being correct, the following months can be:  
  • December (that is this month). Normal rainfall
  • January 200 odd mm of rain.
  • February 150 odd mm of rain.
  • March 142 odd mm of rain.
Remember… I never win lotto or powerball, my weather predictions sit in that same category :-). 


Henk… what about Christmas…
I think I am safe to say that it will not be a white one (I can only imagine what will happen if it will hail on the day, making the ground white, without a doubt the usual fools will have a crack at me then :-))….. BUT I think it be a dry one… this month is going to be one of those lingering months.
A typical December month… moist, sweaty under the armpits and well… just QLD.
I guess karma is a b…ch, when you as a developer rip out all the vegetation, create a mud bath… last thing you want is large rain events. The irony is not lost on me that lots of rain seems to fall when big holes are dug…..Having a tree in your estate and advertising logo does not help either, especially after they all are ripped out.
Lets move on… 

Will Dayboro Flood?

Lets not rush out to get sandbags, but I do think you want to survey your property a bit. Have a look at the lay of the land and where possible thing about channeling the water run-off should that be possible.

It is close to impossible to say if the retail shops in Dayboro are going to get wet feed, not so much as part of the declining foot traffic, more so in the context of physical wet stuff. The way I look at it is like this… The soil now has reached a saturation point, this means most water will run off and unstable soil is very heavy… we had a similar scenario back in 2011. Prolonged rain, saturating the soil and then BANG a big rain event.

Do I see something similar in the cards?… Close, for a long time I thought that January would be well above average rainfall, looking at the models now it seems that it just be along the average. But something is odd. My favorite “hot spot” just north east of Brisbane has gone…. but the ocean temp between AU and NZ is a good 3C above average, pushing towards the north…. The ocean temp on our coast is pretty well normal… around the 23 odd degrees….  Having said that there is an enormous amount of “energy” in the ocean and in the atmosphere, the think with energy is it needs to go somewhere…



Essentially I have no bl…dy clue. Best to sit on the veranda and crack open a cuppa. Have a look at your own place and do some storm and flood mitigation stuff.
What I do know… if we get a storm or cyclonic event… it be massive and they are becoming more intense.


Events in Dayboro this month:

(1. note: possible rain out, is a guess does not mean that the event is NOT on. You MUST check with the event organisers ensuring the event is either on or cancelled, due to weather)

 Time for a coffee, listen to the creek flowing through the valley there is no place better to do that than at Gratelife

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