Dayboro is a bit dry.

Dayboro is a bit dry atm, and I am not talking about humor. What are we looking at here?
Fire Danger is Very High, well that is what I think. The local Fire Brigade is the authority on it so you should check with them. If I am right, lets assume I am never wrong, then you should get a bit more cautious about the camp fires and other stuff that might get sparks fly. (So don’t flame this post and do not get to heated in the debate…. remember… sparks).


MONTHLY CLIMATOLOGICAL SUMMARY for OCT. 2016 NAME: Lyndhurst-Hill CITY: Dayboro STATE: QLD, Australia ELEV: 214 LAT: 27:12:36 LONG: -152:50:02 TEMPERATURE ( °C), RAIN (mm), WIND SPEED (m/s) HEAT COOL AVG MEAN DEG DEG WIND DOM DAY TEMP HIGH TIME LOW TIME DAYS DAYS RAIN SPEED HIGH TIME DIR ——————————————————————————————————– 02 18.7 28.6 13:24 06.3 04:58 […]