The “battle” of the mascots.

The “battle” of the mascots.

Do sports clubs have mascots?

Just sitting here, doing my thing and I see this post pop-up. From Dayboro District Soccer Club. Dayboro Dingoes…. that made me wonder….

Would it be something to have a “battle of the mascots” as part of a “competition”, this to create awareness and a bit of fun.

Vision with a grin.

Imagine, that all sport clubs have mascots, not sure if all can afford them but lets say they can.  Would it be fun to see them compete against each other in the sport of the mascot.

For example, all mascots play a game of soccer, football, netball, tennis etc so each sports club hosts a game. You know rotating through the season, or even off season I do not know.

Invite the town, to come an watch just a bit of fun for an hrs or so, not only that I can see that it provides a good introduction to a sport.

So Dayboro what do you say?

Battle of the Mascots, what is your view.

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Battle of the Mascots

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