Tullamore Rise Development partial road closure.

Tullamore Rise Development,

Just a heads up, from 15/11/2017 to approx 15/12/20177 the South Bound lane on Fingerboard road will be CLOSED.

Tullamore Rise, or “affectionately” know by the locals as THE DESERT will get some services connected, to do this safely they need to close the road for a little while. So be prepared for some delays in town as all traffic from Mt Mee will need to go through town, to go to Petrie.

Not a big thing, just a slow thing :-).

One small issue, why not put the notification at the intersection of Mt Mee and Fingerboard road?….. The way it is announced now will only cause turn-around traffic and congestion… In simple terms a mess.

Spoke to the those in the know.

  • Additional signage will go up soon to advice those from Mt. Mee
  • LED sign currently on Fingerboard road is there, and not at Mt. Mee road intersection, because of regulation. It needs to be within a certain distance of the job site.


Tullamore Road Closure

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