Weather Report for last august.

Weather Last Month.

Dayboro Weather August.

Last night at the “gentlemens” club, there was a bit of talk about when we really had a good rain fall. Let’s put it bluntly……. June.

Rain Fall for Dayboro

The weather is been AWESOME, if you do not “grow” anything or if you do not have animals, if you are a water carrier then yes it’s a busy season and water is becoming a valuable commodity.

The averages for Dayboro this month.

  • Temperature (mean temp) : 15.5°C (2017) that is up by 0.50°C0.5°C Warmer than All-Time Average Temperature. over a 13 year period.
  • Rain: 5.8 42.3 less than the August that is down by 43 odd mm, our average for this month is about 48.1mm
  • Wind: the average wind speed was down, this is due to a few reasons. One is that the “trade” winds are further of the coast and secondly due to the temperature (warm air has lesser ohmpf)
  • Barometric Pressure: 1018.8 3.6 more than the August average. on an average. This is up, hence the nice weather high pressure systems push the rain away. Rain generally comes with a low pressure system.
  • Solar energy: 134.9 13.0 more than the August average. kWh for this month, that is up by 13kWh based on our average. This is good for those with solar panels.
  • UV rating: 5.0 0.1 less than the August average. that is down this year, which is good. As we do not want much UV. HOWEVER, this is also an indicator of the increase in “smog”.
  • Dew point: down on an average by 8.8 0.4 less than the August average. points… This is NOT good, but expected because we did not had any rain.
(I still have to do the calculations on evaporation and humidty….

Detailed reports for Dayboro

Guesstimated weather for next Month.

I believe September will bring our normal average rainfall or around 53mm. The rains might arrive in the second-third week of September, that be around 20th. I hope.

Fire-danger…. will be messy it will be high to very high just keep an eye on the indicators.

Air Quality, will be poor especially leading up to the anticipated rain events mid September, this is due to the release of pollen’s and dust in the air.


Dooms day prediction.

  • We be good :-), but it is advisable to clean out some gutters, start preparing for the storm season. Do some tree pruning get help from  Unit’s Mob Tree services  call them on 0422 467 448, or get some gardening help from BES Acreage & Gardening services.
  • Snakes will come out of hibernation and will behave “aggressive” as they look for food and a bit of loving.  If you see one, do not kill it just call Peter on 045589288

About Dayboro Weather

Dayboro Weather is tracking the weather in detail for Dayboro since 2004, and is the "run away" hobby of Me. Back in 2004there was no means of finding accurate weather data for Dayboro. So I decided to do something about it. Providing weather data for environmental studies, law suits, construction industry and chemical tolerance calculations. I also feed weather data to over 20 weather institutes. (Including BOM, weatherzone)