How Dry is it REALLY.

Well, very…. that is the long and short of it.   You see we are a bit under average, just a fair bit under average…. Why is this? Trade winds, plain and simple, not enough jet stream of air in the upper regions. What about all those cyclones? As we entering the tail of the […]

Glenn Bell e Petition.

Good evening all, Below the text of this e-mail, there is a link to an e-petition to State Parliament concerning my request for the construction of a water pipeline from North Pine Dam to Dayboro. Dayboro’s water supply comes from an aquifer (virtually, a well or bore) situated on the banks of the North Pine […]

It appears your website isn’t indexed by any of the three major search engines not indexed. Whaaaaaat ! not indexed , well that ain’t be good, it simply cannot be good…. What is happening? First lets find out what is index? Site index is a term used in forestry to describe the potential for forest trees to grow at a particular location or “site.” Site is defined […]