Poly “bashing”

Is it OK, that when Political Party candidates become the “cheerleaders” of the electorate, politicians bashing becomes a national sport? I for one like to dish out criticism it is easier, I do try to remain objective and track accountability.

A lot of times we get promised stuff and it never seems to materialize or being pushed further and further out.  The Pine Rivers electorate candidates are no different.

Dayboro is a bit dry.

Dayboro is a bit dry atm, and I am not talking about humor. What are we looking at here?
Fire Danger is Very High, well that is what I think. The local Fire Brigade is the authority on it so you should check with them. If I am right, lets assume I am never wrong, then you should get a bit more cautious about the camp fires and other stuff that might get sparks fly. (So don’t flame this post and do not get to heated in the debate…. remember… sparks).