Wildlife carer information for Dayboro and Surrounding areas.

WILDLIFE CARER INFORMATION Rescue groups Wildlife QLD – Local community group Phone: (07) 3834 6039 or 0401 350 799 Address: 365 Samsonvale Road, Warner, QLD 4500 Website: http://www.prkoalacare.com.au Email: prkcai@prkoalacare.com.au Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PineRiversKoalaCare 1300 ANIMAL – Run by the RSPCA Phone: 1300 264 625 or 1300 852 188 (For urgent enquiries only) Website: http://www.rspcaqld.org.au/what-we-do/save-animals/inspectorate Email: cruelty_complaints@rspcaqld.org.au […]

Would you help your Neighbour, if something odd is about?

Ocean View Action Group, is trying to stop a development of Lot 3 Ocean View Road, Ocean View, all the details are in application DA/34035/2017/V2E on Lot 3 S312581. Nothing wrong with that you would say… and perhaps you are right both ways. Nothing wrong with new development and additional stuff and nothing wrong with trying to stop it. We have the opportunity to have our say…. personally I think there are some odd things with this.. 

Poly “bashing”

Is it OK, that when Political Party candidates become the “cheerleaders” of the electorate, politicians bashing becomes a national sport? I for one like to dish out criticism it is easier, I do try to remain objective and track accountability.

A lot of times we get promised stuff and it never seems to materialize or being pushed further and further out.  The Pine Rivers electorate candidates are no different.