I wanna DANCE, pay SOCCER, do FOOTY, netballing

So here is the thing, in Dayboro.

I wanna dance, play soccer and footy

When you have kids, they want either do everything at the same time or do nothing at all. This applies to house work, home work, chores and SPORTS.

My place is no different, each year we trying to fit in what we can. Support the local clubs by attending, practice and fit it all in with school work. HOW IN THE WORLD DO WE GET THIS ALL SORTED, I think every year or season.

My kids want to play soccer, go to Taekwondo (spelled that wrong), Dance, go for a swim and do some homework (ok I made that one up).

What is on WHERE and WHEN?

As I try to promote this site that has the latest information, I had this thought…. what if we could get all the sport schedules or links to them so we can schedule things. Not asking to make changes to your schedule, just consolidate them.

What I offer to do, is get all the schedules of training etc put them in a spreadsheet thingy. Like a calendar so we can see where the overlaps are and help you all plan around it. Thrown in some bus time tables and we all be HENKIE dorry.

How about it?

Just drop me an email with your schedule at admin@dayboro.info and we get it sorted.


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HELP4BIS is nothing big, just plotting along helping those who want it. We live local, we work local and we support local.