Williams Street Dayboro Pedestrian Improvements Project

William Street Dayboro

Dayborians, this is your chance to be part of HISTORY, YOUR input is required for the Pedestrian Improvements Project. The town is growing, so is the traffic for that reason I guess the council is looking for YOUR view on things.

From councils website:

Issues have been raised by the Dayboro community regarding a lack of safe crossing areas for pedestrians on Williams Street. Council is currently seeking to address these concerns by investigating improved pedestrian crossing opportunities.

Council would like to know your views on how to improve the safety for pedestrians crossing Williams Street. This is your opportunity to have your say and ensure that this project meets the community’s expectations on the improvement of pedestrian connectivity and safety.

The consultation period will close on the 6 August 2017. Council will take into account the views residents and businesses express as part of this consultation. A decision will then be taken regarding the implementation of the improvements.

There are a couple of ways you can take part:

So head over to
https://www.moretonbay.qld.gov.au/williams-street/ and have your say.

Why should I participate?

For several reasons,

  1. Deciding if we need pedestrian crossings
  2. Deciding what type of pedestrian crossings we get
  3. Opportunity to be part of the say in the community
  4. Help to determine where the crossings should go
  5. Increase the pedestrian flow in the town and provide more safety.



About help4bis

HELP4BIS is the persona for HELP4BIS, a business setup by two local Dayborians to help local businesses. One an award winning Graphic Designer, Artist and Animator. The other just an weirdo, with to many qualifications and degrees to care about.

The bottom line is. “We help4bis because we care”